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How To Embellish Your Photos By Printing Them On Canvas

Printing on Canvas is a breakthrough idea, suitable for any house.

Photos on canvas enrich your home design

Pictures are a fundamental element of decor. 

Every house has furniture and walls with echoes of the memories and the good times you had, large or small format photos, it does not matter: a picture is still the perfect way to keep a memory forever.

Digital Line offers a wide selection of interesting solutions for your photos. 

Among the most popular ones is undoubtedly the printing on canvas

Have you ever heard about it? 

We talk about a printing system carried on in professional photo labs with a high performance graphics on quality materials, such as:

• Velvety fabric
• Fireproof covering fabric class 1
• Lightweight fabric
• Water-repellent resin flame retardant
• Class 1 fire retardant fabric monocotone
• Water Fabric
• Water-repellent fabric
• Fabric P.V. Tex
• Silk fabric flag
• Compact Fabric
• Perforated fabric
• TNT Fabric
• Alcantara fabric (ideal for sofa coverings)

It’s a smart and creative way to enrich the interior design of your home, literally turning into context what you would normally print on photo paper. 

The results are amazing, and definitely worth trying: you’ll be satisfied and will have a unique and interesting piece to hang on your walls.

Just pay attention to this fact: after trying the first canvas, you won’t be able to stop. 
So get ready to say goodbye to traditional photos!

A picture on canvas is a unique piece, custom-made for you

Printing a photo on canvas is a way to embellish in a modern way but extremely elegant the subject for the press, emphasizing the picture and making it truly unique: a painting only of yours to decorate the living room or the bedroom – or any other room of your home.

Don’t you know how it’s going to look like? We’re here to explain and provide all the info you need.

Speaking on a more technical level, before sending the file to be printed on canvas, you should size the file to the desired measurements for the framework – you will also have on display a better idea of what will be the outcome in terms of image resolution and any grainy.

In addition, more about a resolution, it is important to consider the parameters and pixel size in bytes, and the number of dots per inch – the so-called DPI (Dot Per Inches) – a value that must never be low.

If these values are medium-high or quite high, the final printing result will be excellent, even with full size pictures, or smaller/enlargements up to 2-3 times. 

If you want instead to achieve a higher magnification by printing it on canvas, it is always advisable to seek the advice of a more experienced look.

Enrich your memories on canvas

A thing to consider is the final structure of the picture on canvas. What does it means? 

It’s easy, the edges of the painting pictures will be folded and secured behind the wooden frame, it is therefore not advisable to use photos with important elements of the party on the extreme edges of the image to prevent them being lost in the bends.

And you must consider the canvas’ absorption capacity. 

The photographic canvas paintings absorb inks to a much greater degree compared to traditional photo papers and other usual types of material for digital printing
This is precisely the reason why pictures with brighter colors are destined to succeed better than pictures from the most subtle and opaque colors – sometimes you can also consider the utility of a small photo editing even with graphic basic programs, for everybody.

Brilliant and vivid colors are perfect for canvas 

That you are going to hang at home it will be something very similar to an authentic painting, a unique piece for interior decoration: at home or in the office you will give an original and modern touch to the room, enhancing it and embellishing his status.

In which room to hang a picture on canvas?

The answer is: everywhere.

In the bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen, hallway, living room, office, study, waiting room …

There is no limit. 
Have you noticed that nice modern trend about hanging small paintings in sequence or together by a common factor (color, style, subject) in the bathroom?

In addition, printing photos on canvas can also be an excellent idea for a gift. 

After all Christmas is coming, but it can also be an opportunity for an anniversary or birthday gift.

A large measure picture may be the ideal subject of a single photo and a painting on one canvas, if you do not know and decide you want to create a single framework that includes many smaller photos, you can also use your photos with lower resolutions: a mural collage of various subjects or a sequence of photos with the same theme or the same situation.

A memory on canvas is a perfect gift

In recent years there was a real exponential increase in print quality standards: excellent materials, more refined techniques and technological progress advancing together with the artistic experience. And more: the inks have reached a true state of excellence.

And it is this step that led to the actual ability to print on canvas.

Why would you want to print on canvas?

Canvas is a fantastic material: rough to the touch, rough, simple. This is also a material that is able to convey the emotions like few others, this to prepare to issue heat, photos on canvas are more alive – a bit ‘as it happens when you look at a hand-painted, sometimes you feel that observe a piece of life, something vital and dynamic.

And then the painting adorns the photo. 
And this is due to the fact that on a subconscious level always stretch to associate the canvas with large elegant rooms of museums and precious original paintings – it’s like having an art gallery in your own house.

Without counting the great versatility of canvas canvas: it adapts to design environments as the most classical interior, and it is marvelous in the rustic houses and even the most modern. 

The most important thing is to turn to professionals who use quality inks, excellent material, and that can also provide you with a minimum of advice as to the best effects to apply.

Do you have an idea in your mind and you don’t know how make it happen?

Do you need a professional suggestion about your project of printing on canvas?

or call us at 

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