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Car Wrapping: Your Successful Idea Runs On 4 Wheels

How to Turn Your Car In An Effective Advertising Channel 

Ads on cars are a great marketing tool 

Never underestimate the importance of a first-impression marketing campaign, especially if well designed and focused on the target destination that the product aims to sponsors. 

And an advertisement on your car is a good idea for several reasons:
  • It gives a sense of familiarity and already-known
  • It provides visual feedback personally identifiable
  • It is a tangible and immediate marketing solution

How to create an advertising campaign project for your car? 

If you think this is a difficult or extremely expensive form of advertising, prepare to change your mind: a printed sticker for cars starts as low as 15 euros. Just choose the one that suits you best, in terms of sign, colors and logo to be proposed on the chosen side of the car.

This is Car Wrapping and Digital Line has been an industry leader for years and produces adhesives of all sizes with which coat your car with 720dpi x 720dpi print quality and the interesting life of 2 to 5 years.

More specifically, the materials are:
  • Pvc white monomeric
  • Upvc white polymer
  • Upvc polymeric transparent window stickers
  • pvc cast
  • opal pvc Backlighting
  • oneway pvc
  • Pvc gold base
  • Pvc silver base
  • Super soft PVC for banners

Warning: The maximum printable stripe reaches 160 cm, as well as tiling with overlap of 2 cm.

Digital Line provides high level car wrapping services all over Northern Italy, by printing photos and images on weather-resistant vinyl material that perfectly adapts to curved, sketched, irregular or corrugated surfaces. 

The car wrapping obviously has a different length depending on the area and the local climatic conditions, however, last for five years on average in medium external situations.

Also, have you ever thought that the car wrap is an excellent way to change the color of your car and protect at the same time the original body of your vehicle? 
You can put on your car with the excellent quality self-adhesive films and for advertising purposes than mere personal taste. And then these plastic products are completely removable!

If you’re wondering if the film really takes off, or if it leaves layers of decidedly anti-aesthetic glue, the answer is yes, the film is completely removed and no, it doesn’t leave traces of glue. The original paint remains intact and this kind of damage is very rare.

Anyone may remove the film, just remove the handles and other accessories and proceed. Beware the time factor: after five years the removal can become a bit ‘delicate and it could be the case of relying on a professional expert.

The adhesive of car wrapping film follows perfectly the curvature of your car – including blemishes and dents.

The choice of colors and images is endless

There is no limit, you can create the wrapping that is most suited to your business needs, or to your personal idea.

Then, above there are the reply to your technical doubts. Now you probably wonder what costs you’ll face to apply an advertisement on your machine and if there are specific regulations.

Well, below you may find some data you should know.

In fact, besides the costs for the construction and real graphics on their chosen specific material, you must request the appropriate permissions to the proper authorities and pay taxes specific to your project. There is a whole jurisprudence and this article will help you manage it as best as possible as appropriate. It ‘s easier than it might seem.

Generally it applies a so-called proportional principle, ie the tax payable is proportional to the area occupied by your advertising. Where floor space is actually very small – less than 300 square centimeters – some municipalities do not provide for any duty. 

In diametrically opposite cases, when the surface is extensive you must pay taxes with increase because of the size – and this solution applies to vehicles, trailer vehicles and pickup trucks.

In addition, these taxes are proportional to the populous municipality in which will be carried circulation of the advertisement.

We can say that the municipalities are divided into classes:

1. Up to 500 thousand inhabitants;
2. Up to 100 000 inhabitants and up to 500 thousand inhabitants;
3. Up to 30 000 inhabitants and up to 100 thousand inhabitants;
4. Up to 10 000 inhabitants and up to 30,000 inhabitants;
5. Up to 10 thousand inhabitants.

Obviously each class refers gradually to a different rate, i.e.:

1. 19.63 euro;
2. 17:56 EUR;
3. 15:49 EUR;
4. 13:43 EUR;
5. 11:36 EUR.

You may have noticed that the factors are closely related: if it grows the number of inhabitants also grow the fees charged – which is basically a very logical discourse, as it also increases the potential audience and consequently the potential of advertising conversion rates in earnings.

Your car can say too much about your business

Warning: each year the municipality can review, change and approve or reject the proposed taxes – but tacitly deemed accepted in the absence of measures on the subject.

You are exempt from paying the tax if you advertise your business name or insignia using a vehicle with an area below 0.5 m2. And in many municipalities applies the exemption rule for advertising messages applied in the interior of cars.

One important tip: before I let you go to the most creative projects for adhesive advertisements on cars you should check the actual availability in your community to grant permits for advertisements of this type – are very rare, but there are also places where there is this kind of ban.
Furthermore, in some special cases, the Highway Code expressly prohibits their use, such as on some fast roads and at particularly sensitive points.

Not just online ads. Marketing runs on the road


The Statement of Reference is the Legislative Decree 507 of 1993 – MOTOR VEHICLES AND ROAD TRAFFIC – TITLE II – CONSTRUCTION AND PROTECTION OF ROADS – Chapter I – 3. ADVERTISING ‘ON THE ROADS AND VEHICLES – Art. 57. – Advertising on vehicles ( art. 23 Cs).

What do you have to pay?
You have to pay a municipal tax on advertising and rights for public advertising displays.

Who should pay?
The person liable to pay the tax is the one who actually has the means with which they will spread the advertising message to promote economic activity and the relative demand for goods or services provided.

Whom you must ask to?
To your town Comune. Normally the competent offices are the Office Private Building and the office Mobility advertising section. The declaration and payment of the tax are managed by I.C.A.

Logically, you must file the return before the exposure of advertising and you will need to indicate:
• characteristics of advertising
• duration of exposure
• location of advertising media

If you change canvas size, the type of advertising or place where the car will go around with your advertising message, you will need to file a tax that will eventually be eligible for an equalization of the difference between the amount already paid and the new amount to be paid.

Turbocharge your business!

Do you have a creative idea for a car campaign but you do not know to realize it?

Do you need help about the material for your automobile advertising stickers?

You need help to promote your business?

We’re here for you!

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