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Tips for a Cheap and Unforgettable Wedding Book!

Big Day is coming and you still have not decided about  your wedding booth?

Do not panic! 

Even though the organization of the wedding seems a set of tough and almost impossible decisions, the ones regarding the choice of photo book of marriage will be easier after reading the Digital Line tips regarding cheap photobooks and original ideas for the photo book of your most beautiful day!

Yes, because even if the guests may see your wedding day just like another party day and an opportunity to have fun with family and friends, every perfect wedding takes months and months of preparation, stress and crucial decisions – including budget priorities and the necessary cuts in order not to exceed the predetermined costs.

Choosing the photographer: Cheap or expensive one

In trying to balance the budget for the wedding, one of the items that most affects the final expenditure is undoubtedly the photographer’s fee – since a marriage without pictures is not a real marriage. 

Therefore, a PHOTO ALBUM of the wedding day is a must, something you can cherish for years to come.

Thanks to this item, you’ll be able to relate to the most beautiful moments of your new life as husband and wife in future years, and it will always be a marvelous emotion.

The photos of a wedding are an indelible memory of your love that secure forever the beginning of the family to come.

Think about when one day you will show to their children and grandchildren! 

And with the passing years, your wedding booth will be more and more valuable and will keep alive those memories that you never want to forget.

Well, then, the photographer selection and the answer to the question “is it better to save or not?” are crucial things.

Do you really want to save money in something that you will keep for the rest of your life and that will remind you every day of the beginning of the family that you are now going to build?

In looking to save money, some couples turn to friends or relatives who are wannabe-photographers.
They may be armed with good intentions, but will end up providing miserable results. 
Every couple risks having to endure horrific (dark, blurred or grainy) pictures of the most beautiful day of their life. 
And they won’t be in a position to even complain explicitly, since it would hurt the feelings of a loved one who did his/her best.

Digital Printing can save your budget!

It is clearly important to rely on a professional photographer who can provide really beautiful shots of your wedding: someone who understands the issues at stake and is well-equipped.

And with regard to the printing services?

If you are looking for a Cheap Wedding Book that is also wonderful, you should think of Digital Printing, a photographic print that achieves substantial savings while ensuring high quality results both in terms of the materials used for the high yield for graphic photo.

A wedding photo booth: cheap, nice and easy to realize

Digital Line allows you to typeset and print your own wedding photo book online, saving money and at the same time suggesting many interesting and original graphic solutions for a wonderful wedding book.

Online Wedding Books are a product ever more trending, thanks to the wide range of customization and freedom of creation.

The photo book is made in a professional photo lab that can count on the valuable support of technological equipment and know-how and experience of its specialized staff.

It can provide models and sizes that suit every need, allowing you to bring to life the emotions of your best day.

Just choose the best shots and make a layout according to your creativity 

or relying on standard models and original ideas from Digital Line.

Need advice on how to get a nice and cheap wedding book?

Below you’ll find some interesting ideas.


The latest trends in this sector are those that lead to achieving a real Wedding Reportage as an authentic tale of what happens in the big day of the couple.

It is the search for spontaneous and real shots, the so-called “stolen photos” and spontaneous shots in poses that show real human moments.

If you choose to conduct the photo shoot in this style, you should extend this tendency towards simplicity and photographic truth even in the same photo book style, with a minimal style, a few decorations and large photos that fill the entire page.


If there is anything certain in life it is that traditional choices are never out-fashioned, even in the wedding book industry.

The classic leather-bound album with important inserts and photos glued and separated by tissue paper is a classic that is always pleasant and gives excellent results. 
You can then buy the album and paste self printed photos in the desired format on its pages.

If you want to review the traditional book in a modern way, you can think of to turn it into a photo book, choosing classic page layout with golden decorations, posing shots, clean floors and linear photos aspiring to perfection of form.


The most creative couples will want to instead have the most artistic photos that give to their wedding pictures an original meaning and a different cut than usual.
The photographer thus plays with the plans, perspective, light and focus, trying to avoid the poses and looking for a quick catch that will review later in post-production.

An artistic style allows you to be able to have fun with the choice of the photo book layout: many colors, sizes, and ideas – the limit does not exist.

Whatever your style, we can help you turn your most wonderful wedding book into reality!

Do you have an idea in your mind and you do not know how to realize it?

Do you want to save your money and you do not know how?

Do you have a small budget but you do not want to loose your photos quality in your wedding day? 

The answer is Digital Line!

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