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Christmas Gifts Ideas : How To Come Up With Extraordinary Xmas Presents

Here’s How This Year Your Gifts Can Be Better Than Santa’s Ones!

Christmas 2016 is coming and even this year you are wondering what to give to your mother, the mother-in-law and your boyfriend – dilemma is becoming pressing. 
And we do not need to mention the gift choice for business colleagues or college mates: you do not want to be banal and you aim to avoid that Christmas baskets, let’s think together of original Christmas gifts.
Because if it is true that Christmas is THE MOST MAGICAL period of the year with a unique atmosphere that enchants young and old people, it is also true that not everyone can turn into Santa and choose the perfect gift.

How to make a Xmas gift: what psychologists say

Not everyone can be Santa Claus in the fireplace: not only because this would require exellent gymnastic skills, but also because there are few people able to meet the needs and desires of others – and that would agree to be give something requested too.
In fact, if you logically would think that giving a gift is easier when you know what to give, this turn to be wrong: people are obsessed by the thought that if they give something directly requested by the recipient they would seem banal.
And this is precisely what has been shown by an interesting research in the Journal of Social Psychology Experimental: the researchers asked the testers to write a wish list to give to a partner and to receive one back. At the time of exchanging gifts it is found out that the most popular were those requested in the lists, but most of the involved people preferred to give something different.

What should you do if you do not to follow the wish list?

It is easy: give away a good memory, something that says the person who is unique, such as a photo, a painting or a custom gadget with photos that recall the mind back to happy moments.
Give the perfect gift!.
And if you want some practical advice on what to give for Christmas 2016, here are some useful tips from the creative minds of Digital Line!

Canvas: give the emotion of a masterpiece at home

To surprise your mother, grandmother or mother-in-law, why not give a nice photo on canvas
Just pick a beautiful family photo or a stolen moment in a very enjoyable holiday and decide to have it printed on canvas: Digital Line guarantees you the graphic performance of a masterpiece, and professional assistance at every stage of implementation. 
It will give a photographic framework and a wide range of effects: you will be able to surprise anyone with an original thought and an unforgettable gifts.

Photos on Plexiglas: print the life and give away the emotions

This year the trend is undoubtedly to print photos on Plexiglas and the results are just amazing: bright colors, pictures that seem to come to life and the possibility of backlighting for a modern object interesting design that easily adapts to the walls of each house. 
It is a technique providing satisfaction to anyone who has decided to try it: two different types of Plexiglas, depending on the result you want to achieve, transparent for greater image depth or opal with backlight.

Magnets: memories on your fridge! 

Everybody has magnets from holidays or nice puppets on the home refrigerator. You should know that the magnets with pictures are an original gift idea and something easy to order, just choose some nice photos, sizes of magnets and send to print: easy and really appreciated by the recipient! 
And then it will be nice to meet again after Christmas and while you are having coffee together, you will both indicate the magnet for a “Remember that!”

Deck of giant cards: at Christmas cards can also stay in a gift bag

Grandparents like to play cards, especially at Christmas: this is a sure fact. You can turn their passion into a Christmas gift, an original suggestion to make happy grandma and grandpa when they will unwrap their presents in front of the Xmas tree. 
How? It is easy! 

Have a desk of giant custom cards printed with photos. 

Online you will find customizable layouts to fill with your photos, you just have to choose the most attractive and to print your cards on the media you prefer!

Photo album: the classic way to say ‘I always think of you’

Maybe a bit classic, but if your gifts are for someone special it is always an idea for a successful gift: a photo album is the perfect way to tell someone that they are special times we had together and that they have a place reserved in your heart. 
Choose pictures, layout, style, and print the album right away! 
There are many supports and materials available for both pages and covers.

A bed full of pictures!

Have you ever thought to print a special blanket with a nice picture of the person to whom you are giving it? 
Or rather a set of sheets depicting a moment of fun memories spent together? 
And what about one or more photo pillows to lay on the couch? 
You can give something useful that is also an original piece of furniture for the living room or bedroom – and a gift that will not go unnoticed.

The same gift to many people is not a mistake

Do not get stressed in looking for unique and different gifts for each person you know: sometimes that’s not what counts. 
You can choose to give the same object to more people, by customizing it with a different photo that refers to a beautiful moment in each one’s story.
Thus you’ll be able to tell everyone how much you care about them and cherish your beautiful experiences together.
It’s not about Size: do not compare a big gift and a small gift!
And you should already know this: a gift’s size doesn’t matter, you only have to think about the receiver happiness! 

Do you want to know how to make a Christmas gift?
Do you have an idea for a photo gift and do not know how to realize it?
We’re here to help you realize your gift ideas!

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