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The Great Possibilities of Laser and Pantograph in Digital Printing

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Always on the cutting edge of technology and technical innovation, Digital Line is currently one of the top companies in Italy in terms of Digital Printing in the national and international field.
And in order to achieve excellence, Digital Line has specialized in professional use of advanced tools such as the Pantograph and the Laser machining, as well as plastic items, shaped products and carvings, a rising trend in the fashion world capital, New York City.

What is a Pantograph and what it can do for you


A pantograph is a machine operated and controlled by a computer that controls its movements using a CAD / CAM software and moves the mechanical components and the vertical engine equipped with various types of final work for various types of material depending on the final product by get.

Thanks to the pantograph you can obtain engravings, moldings, carvings, sculptures on wood, plexiglass, aluminum, brass, and marble stones of various kinds.

Digital Line counts on the latest technology to produce works of engraving and milling at the highest level, proposing interesting and customizable solutions for jobs of all sizes, from the traditional aluminum plate to shaped light boxes, and the most impressive signs.
Computerized sign making and 3D milling with various types of cutting metals, wood and plastics. 
With the use of the pantograph and the use of large programming systems you can satisfy any request, from the largest to the smallest.

The king of incisions: the Laser machine

The laser engraving is a no-contact working method: 
it means that the workpiece to be engraved must not be fixed during the machining phase, providing a safe use and the possibility to affect also the finer and lighter media. But the laser engraving is appreciated especially for the high precision construction and for the clean cutting edges and highly defined.
Top quality construction, high detail rendering and excellent performance.
Thanks to the engraver laser is accurately can customize any object regardless of the material with logos, names, brands and images at will: laser cutting enables you to create personalized and precise incisions with elements even in the most elaborate geometric shapes.

Laser cutting and wood engraving 
The laser allows to create and affect a wide variety of products with wood, such as toys, art and craft products, souvenirs, Christmas decorations, gift ideas and architectural scale models, performing their work on thicknesses up to 20 mm, depending on the types of lumber.
The beauty of the wood engraving laser is the considerable freedom of choice between the various timber based on the tastes and at the end-use. 
And the laser incision suitable woods are so many:
• Multiplex
• plywood
• Chipboard
• Natural wood
• Solid wood
• Cork
• Veneers

Metal Laser Engraving
The laser is an excellent machine also for marking and engraving metals: in fact allows to realize with high precision high quality markings on softer metals such as aluminum and copper, but also of hard alloys – for example for uses in the industrial sector.

Among the many metals that can be processede with lasers are:
• Stainless steel and alloys
• hardened metals
• high speed steel
• aluminum
• anodized aluminum
• titanium and alloys
• brass
• copper
• precious metals
• coated metals
And the intended uses are many, from the jewelry box in gold or silver engraved on metal coils laser marking.

But laser marking is also useful in tracking warranty procedures for specific products through the incision of the tracking code – so offering supports essential in electronics, mechanical engineering, the processing of sheet metal, jewelery and the automotive industry for product identification and anti-counterfeiting, or in information specific and functional characteristics of the object and its measures.

Plastic Engraving and Marking

The laser allows the marking of a wide selection of plastic, polycarbonate from the polyamide and thanks to the high flexibility of use of the technique is that the plastic material, you can also mark smaller objects – however it is always good to ask questions on the final results as the results on the colors and the same materials can vary widely depending on the work to be done.
With the laser you can engrave and mark a wide variety of objects:
• Containers and tanks in plastic
• Electronic components
Electrical outlets
• Printed circuit boards (PCBs)
• tools and handles of tools
• Buttons and switches
• identification labels
• films
• packaging
• Sensors

Did you know that LASER can be used to customize your smartphone, tablet or laptop?

With the laser it is possible to put written, texts, images and logos on electronic devices, cover for smartphone and tablet houses, literally making it your own device – and might even be an original idea for a Christmas gift or a great way to recognize your phone in case of theft at a glance.

How come you’re not using laser to support your marketing strategy?

When it’s Christmas time or during your brand promotion campaigns you can create original and personalized gadgets with your logo or the name of your company to give to customers. 
And what better way to hack with promotional items such as laser key chains, pens, USB sticks, hats, T-shirts, lighters or awake?

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