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PRINTED WALLPAPER – 7 Design Ideas for Renovating Your Home


Printed Wallpaper in a modern living room

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7 Design Idea to Refresh your House!

If you thought that the wallpaper had to be relegated to a bygone brackets of interior design, you should change your mind: today we are seeing a return of the wallpaper, a completely revised phenomenon that affected widely for new trends and new technologies applied to the the molded products industry.

And Digital Line, a leader in Genoa and Liguria in the wall paper sector, offers a wide selection of interesting solutions thanks to the high quality of products and the professionalism of the technical team, always ready to hear the latest news of the moment and enrich their skills.

It is indeed high quality printing both in terms of paper and the purely visual aspect of the image – perfectly rendered details, vivid colors and graphic excellent rendering.

An excellent alternative to painting

The printed wallpaper can be an interesting alternative to the single color of the painted walls or outdated draperies and drapes in painting made with sponges and gloves of the trade.

The latest international events, including Salone del Mobile in Milan, have in fact outlined in this new interpretation of the wallpaper in the philosophies of the best known designers thought.

And the development and manufacturing solutions are literally endless: from those that hold only one wall with wallpaper, keep painted the other three, which recreates picturesque scenery thanks to print papers made with rich details and photos in large format of breathtaking views.
And then vertical, horizontal, key or matt colors, repeating geometry, unique elements that attract attention on a wall, or designs from exotic lures.

There is plenty of choice, the limit is the creativity of designers. Have a look at our products!

Here, then, that the wallpaper offers a broad set of options to give to a renewed home environments without having to change the decor – rather, it is a way to revisit the same decor highlighting elements before and obscured by bringing out specific pieces thanks to reasons for choosing paper.

Some ideas in line with the latest trends in terms of printed wallpaper? Here are the best seven e found!

1 – NY Lofts Call

If I say New York, I think of the stimulating atmosphere of contemporary lofts and glamor, the radical chic apartments of the palaces of neighborhoods always in cultural ferment such as Williamsburg and Greenwich Village, the exclusive East Side interiors and furniture trend Brooklyn.
Brick Walls, the most popular ones in NY 

How to recreate the New York fervor at home?

One idea is to recreate the typical red brick walls of the loft of the Big Apple, maybe leaving two monochrome of a shade anthracite-colored and the other two recreating the walls in bricks with printed paper.

Or you can think big and opt for a printed paper that proposes the majestic skyline of New York, a modern vision to be applied on one or two adjacent walls – or even three, then occupying the fourth with a dark closet or leaving it as needed.

2 – Large Geometric Patterns

The return of the wallpaper must obviously include geometric patterns. The important thing is to follow the principle of bigger is better.

Exactly, large geometric constructions repeatedly, preferably tonal choosing according to your interior design.

For example, if a few years ago you remained fascinated by the ubiquitous wenge you can revive your room with an important card amaranth with large geometries and shade lighter or darker.

In the already colorful kitchens instead we recommend you to prefer more neutral tones, grays, blacks or whites.

Also interesting are the rows of vertical solutions, always maxi repeating three colors throughout the room.

3 – Cartoons for kids

The kids’ bedrooms deserve a special mention: here the imagination has no limits, and the little ones will be delighted with the results.

Printed wallpaper allows to revive the characters of the most popular cartoons on the bedroom walls.

Or you can keep more linear atmosphere by choosing a neutral background – such as lilac, light blue, light green (colors according to the study and the game) – with a few scattered characters on walls.

You can choose to concentrate a sort of ‘group photo’ of a single wall, leaving the other free, or opt for a fantastic panorama of fairy castles or hideouts mysterious throughout the room. Your children will be excited.

4 – A sea place at your place

In front of the sea, happiness is something easy.

So why not propose this state of being at home, transforming it into a relaxing beach house?

Printed wallpaper also allows this: it is possible to recreate the maritime atmosphere with references to the sea in simple details scattered here and there, small mysterious clues that pass for starfish, seafaring knots and exotic shells.

If you really want to daydream, you can create windows with views of seascapes and white beaches – complete with palm trees and tropical vegetation.

 The beach automatically creates an atmosphere of relaxation

5 – Floral Chabby Chic Charm

In recent years in Europe there is a great use of a design trend from the United States of the luxury country, the Chabby Chic style, which echoes in homes with pastel shades or dirty white with simple and rustic tables enough to be exclusive and in the countryside with beliefs hearts and flowers carved and half hidden.

What wallpaper to match this style? The ideal is to keep on pastel tones to not break the ethereal atmosphere magic chabby and embellish furniture with large floral patterns but graceful as evocative on the walls, repeating on all four.

6 – A city jungle

Town can be a jungle, but sometimes to find yourself and your serenity you just have to relax in your home jungle, recreating scenarios of Amazonian lianas, tall trees and, why not, colorful birds that interrupt the deep green of the natural landscape of your own living room.
A fantastic waterfall

Excellent idea for the bedrooms, where you can play even more by offering iconic animals such as monkeys or tigers on either side of mirrors, windows or on the bedside tables.

Those who feels wild, but in a more limited way, can leave two or three monochrome walls, cobalt blue or anthracite, and play their jungle only on one or two adjacent walls.

A printed wallpaper allows you to renew the house in a simple and fast way.

7. Marble Effect: elegance and style at home

If you have furnished the living room with classic furnishings and colonial-style, you can give new life to your living room with a wallpaper printed with marble texture, which will give a touch of elegance and a unique atmosphere to the room.

And it may be interesting to play with the light-dark contrast even in the ambivalence of furniture and walls so light colors for print media if you have furniture that tend to dark tones and darker shades but if your living room is clearer.

If you fancy something more essential and less marked, you can use the marble effect print on one wall, leaving the other three with a single color.

The wallpaper offers a broad set of options to give to a renewed home environments without having to change the decor – rather, it is a way to revisit the same decor highlighting elements before and obscured by bringing out specific pieces thanks to the paper patterns choice.

Are you wondering how realize your project at home?

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