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GREEN PRINTING – The friendly relationship between nature and quality!

This is the truth about Green and Recycling Printing Industry

If you think paper – cellulose – is the first enemy of the natural environment and the first cause of global deforestation, you should change your opinion:
the image of a lush tropical forest destroyed because of some printed book could change radically.

The Planet is ours: let’s save it

Printing advertising flyers, business cards and books is really the reason of the planet’s precious natural heritage loss?

First of all, you need to consider a simple logical data
a successful company that needs a specific resource to support its business, is interested in its long-term preservation in order to not reach a situation where it lost its winning resources. 

Well, paper factories can not afford to lose their primary resources: cellulose trees.

Thing is that you only have to know the actual Green Digital Printing Services to trust in:

Digital Line proposes excellent Latex Green Printing solutions for big and small formats and it allows to take advantage of the high quality of fine print, with the awareness of being part of an environmental protection healthy system.


deforestation is a big problem, which must not be underestimated, but this is also the reason why you should be aware of it and what to do in your daily life in order to stop it.


Talking about our dear, old Europe, we can say that European forests yearly grow up for 700.000 ha, achieving an exponential growth that increases its numbers day by day: twenty years ago they occupied a 197.5 millions of ha and nowadays we can see forests for 215 millions of ha – absolutely positive results if you think that this is about 1/3 of the whole European territory. 

But the most positive feature, almost extraordinary, it is the fact that these results have been achieved also because of the paper factories that decided to identify their paper production with a wider project about a green-friendly solution for global questions, aiming to long-term goals as a bigger social awareness about the global deforestation.

And it works: every year there is a bigger number of trees than the ones people fell. 

The most dramatically realities affected by these issues are the tropical forests, but in this case the paper mills are only the latest in the list of the responsibles for this disaster.

The actual culprits are the operators working in the agricultural and energy sectors, which alone can bear 50% of global deforestation.

All it takes to do something against the damage of deforestation, even in our daily life. You just have to pay attention to your choices: the ecological printing on environmentally friendly paper provides excellent graphics and resistance performances, achieving dramatic results without collateral effects for the planet.


According to a survey conducted by FAO in 2014 with the support of Replainting The Rain Forest Organization the actual cause of deforestation in tropical countries is the conversion of lands hosting the precious tropical forests into agricultural fields and mass rearing activities fields.

We must also mention the land rights implications and the conversion of forests into actual industrial plantations and poor or absent environmental protection policies of these companies – often they come from countries where the rule of neglect of green issues is the normal behaviour even at the regulatory level.

On the contrary in the forests of Northern Europe,the  real resource of paper companies in our continent, are virtually zero impact resources and provide rigid cyclic planting processes in order to meet the cutting and growth phases for the production of the products they are intended to.

As for rich countries to forests such as Russia and Canada, where it is deeply felt environmental issues and corporate ecological tradition, exploitation of forests affects a very small percentage of forest soils and tree growth does not suffer irreparable harm.


European Environment Agency is pleased for the activities of reforestation and environmental protection of European forests that combine perfectly with the green policy for the biodiversity of woodlands.

This “good behavior” is reflected in the actual ecology of the so-called eco-friendly paper, which is not only recyclable or recycled paper, but the starting point of greater social awareness of the need to have green lungs in their territories and the consequent importance of production processes in respect of nature and natural processes of tree growth – and forests that are true natural purifiers.

Green Printing is an true reality for everybody.

The cornerstone of ecological printing process is paper:

• 100% post-consumer recycled,
• bleached without chlorine,
• produced with systems designed in accordance with environmental regulations
• transported with green transports

The main difference with the old, not environmentally friendly paper is the choice for cellulose fibers: in ecological paper the fibers come from virgin pulp or recycled fibers in high percentage from the local recycling activity – but it is also about materials recycling, production waste, biological materials of recovery.

And the types to choose are too many, the most used are:

• Coated: paper with a smooth and shiny surface with vivid colors and excellent graphics performance. He absorbs the ink extremely uniformly.
• Uncoated: more or less raw paper, the “uncoated” with no-celluloid origin (produced from sugar cane or scraps).
• Certified: some mills are official certifications that demonstrate the environmental commitment made in the production process and in the planting activities.
• Recycled: paper coming from a differentiated collection or from the recycling of various levels, bleached without the use of chlorine.

Relying on ecological printing services with low levels of environmental impact is a reality now set to become the norm, it is a real choice that does not involve higher costs but which allows you to gain clean air, healthy planet and a better social consciousness the field of ecology and environmental protection.

Can you then print flyers, business cards, books, posters, posters in an environmentally friendly way?

Sure,you can! 

Digital Line will help you do just that.

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