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THE PROFESSIONAL SIGNBOARD: A Magic Element That Can Boost Your Business

The Secrets of Professional Signboards That “Suck” Customers Into Your Store

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Not only windows or merchandise on display, a store’s business card is, above all, its signboard, which identifies the business in the eyes of its customers (and prospects).

But what do we exactly mean by “signboard”?

The signboard is the word or the set of words, alphanumeric characters, symbols, or any trademarks, installed on the front door of stores and businesses.

The sign (or signboard) is a store’s actual name, and therefore is essential.

A good brand name is the basis for an effective marketing strategy and it can be an effective focus on which to base and develop other ancillary aspects of a successful business, as interior colors, furniture, objects, style and design.

Thanks to cutting-edge digital equipment, the continuous technological renewal, – and a dynamic and experienced teamDigital Line has been providing for years signboards to small and large companies in Northern Italy, South France and other countries in Europe.

In this feature article, you can find all the information you need on the advantages of such a tool, and you will know how to choose the most suitable one for your business.

The Power Of A Professional Signboard

The sign of the store defines the business and it must primarily answer to the question “What does this store actually sell?”.

Furthermore, for some types of business it is important to outline immediately in the customer’s mind the price range on which that particular store is geared to sell its products.

For example, businesses that sell cheap gifts and house products, the famous “All For 1 Euro” shops play their strengths on the economy of their offer and they’ll therefore need to highlight this feature with a distinctive and appealing name.

On the contrary, a luxury boutique that sells unique and valuable objects, will have to distinguish itself from lower-end shops, thanks to a name that is evocative and prestigious.

A store’s sign, inscription and logo possess an extraordinary power in terms of client engagement: a good name and a catchy idea can literally hook a passerby, mesmerizing him and convincing him to come in, if only out of curiosity – and at that point it’s a matter of the goods you sell, the price/quality ratio, the salesclerks’ ability, the internal details and many other factors intrinsic to the business itself.

Bright or opaque, colored or b/w, in large or small sizes: the signboards are essential tools in order to attract customers.

Excellent communication tools, they can convey information in a conscious or unconscious way; they may succeed in arousing potential customers’ interest or, in the case of poorly designed  and unprofessional signboards, can have the opposite effect: to keep people away and blow away the sale.

How To Succeed With A Spectacular First Impression

Choosing a signboard is something you cannot afford to underestimate: the keyword in choosing the right name for your shop is cohesion.

The link between signboard and shop must be evident, both at the conceptual level of your business’ actual proposition, as at the material level in showcasing the goods and choosing the right design for the store.

A vintage shop certainly won’t benefit from a modern or futuristic signboard, as much as a typical local restaurant cannot show the same sign as a Mexican restaurant.

It is about consistency, and defining a healthy label-product relationship that doesn’t produce confusion in the customer’s mind, yet manages to be engaging and to arouse interest: after all, it must bring people in.

It is also essential that a signboard only promise what the shop can actually deliver, otherwise the customer will go away angry, never to come back anymore.

You need to tap into the First Impression Marketing. The signboards are indeed part of “first glance acknowledgement”, a very important aspect in customers’ decision-making. If no one wants to walk into a store to see the goods on sale, it’s no use to propose excellent products, even at unbeatable prices.

First impression logic is the phenomenon that takes place when the customer is prompted to enter because she’s been attracted, and she’s interested, curious, or maybe needs that product and in her mind THAT is the best store where to find it.

Most street signboards look the same, as a dull continuum, until you meet the one that stands out from the others.

4 Types of Signboard 

In order to have consistency between signboard and local store it is worth considering the various types of signboard, each of which has features that can help you promote your own business, by conveying the right message.

1) Neon and Illuminated Signboards. Among the most widely used commercial signs, there are neon signs and their raison d’être is based on the principle that lighting is the most obvious way to highlight and give clear visibility to anything, especially in the advertising field, where new communication technologies have accustomed us to bright colors on on smartphones, tablets and TV.

Lighting represents undoubtedly the highest level of visibility of a message, but it must be made by following the tenet of cohesion between the store’s name and its gist – i.e. the sign of a wine bar can not be the same as that of a computer store.

2) Channel Letter Signboards. It is a type of incisive signboard that emphasizes the concept, and that can support a form of direct or indirect lighting, which in conjunction with the most appropriate stylistic elements can make a big difference in the business’ success.

The channel letters signboards include a wide selection of solutions in terms of materials (aluminum, painted sheet metal, stainless steel, acrylic) and proposition mode: letters boxed in front of closed playing their brightness of light beams reflected or rather open-faced, which instead use direct light.

3) Old-style Signboards. In the case of shops offering products or services related to ancient trades or to an old commercial sphere – or when a store in its interior design and atmosphere reminds bygone eras – the most appropriate choice is a sign that commemorates this historical dimension through the style of the characters and form.

4) Flexible Sheet Signboards. More and more popular, signboards made of PVC sheets are a perfect a solution with flexible and massive, but also elastic technical features. 

These are light and weather resistant signboards that also enjoy another interesting specification: their manufacturing costs are way lower than those of traditional signboards.

For each of these needs, Digital Line provides an accurate and customized response.

Just take a look at some examples of signs that we created for small and large businesses in Italy and around Europe.

Do you already have an idea for your business’ signboard?

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